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Make a support request

Just like you make a wish, make a request for support

This is a very simple and initial step of our process. For this you simply need to do is to go our request support page of our website and fill out the form with your basic details asked. Sooner our one of the executive will contact you for more details.


Executive Assigned

Just like Maps to find a way, Executives to find a solution

After you request support, in our 2nd phase one dedicated executive will be assigned who will contact you to know your actual query and will even help you to choose best service plan and guide you to get on-demand job or service. Once an executive is assigned to your support then this person will be there in communication with you throughout the process.


Signup with plan

Economic budget for Effective plans of service

The 3rd phase allows you to choose a plan based on your issue or required service at an economic cost so that you can buy a suitable plan for you. Once the plan for your service is purchased our executive or team will start working on it. We support PayPal for now.


Support Ticket Created

Generate Ticket for Hire and unzip solutions to a problem.

The 4th phase includes generation of the ticket that will contain details of your required service or support and an executive. You will allow examining of day to day progress that is being done for your query. Even you can communicate to the executive assigned to you for any technical or non-technical doubts while in progress.


Fixing the issue

Fixing issues or problem and accomplishing the task

In 5th phase, our experienced team of developers will unite to fix bugs or issues for your problem or query. We follow coding standards and use latest coding tools for getting the resultant output of service. We follow version control system if more than one developer is working on the same site.


Testing the things

Testing enhances the correctness of the outcome

The 6th phase will follow testing standards to obtain an accurate result of the fixed issues. The team will check for proper flow and make sure that no obstacle is raised. At the end, we tend to provide you with an error-free and bug-free solution for the smooth running. As a result, precise and targeted output will be generated.


Deploy on live

Just like active life, make your project active to live.

The 7th phase i.e. the 2nd last phase of our process is to make your service or product to go live in the online market. Once the testing is done by the team and no error or any other technical issue is raised and is even approved by your side, then it is finalized for functioning and is done live.


Client feedbacks

A suggestion to strengthen our capabilities

The very last phase of the process includes feedback to our service. We value the feedback of our valued customers to uplift our tendency to provide services. So, you are requested to fill up the feedback form, providing details for how you found our service and your experience with our developers.

Live Support

Any questions about using our service? Ask our support executives to resolve all your confusions here or start our live support.

On-demand Support

Not sure from where to start? See our predefined list of support services to resolve your common issues.

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