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WordPress Core Support

Setup WordPress, Theme and Plugins on your website. We will update your WP core, themes and plugins and fix the minor issues generated due to update.

Fix WP Issue

Fix issues related to WordPress on your site. The issues can be related to site down, white screen issue, parse error, internal server error, database connection error etc.

Site Optimisation

Setup and Install plugin for optimisation. Implement Cache, CDN, Optimise HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images, Database, page speed etc.

Site Security

Improve site security by implementing latest security techniques. Cleanup hacked site, Check vulnerabilities and loopholes, Brute Force Login Attack, SPAM prevention etc.


Migrate your site from one hosting provider to another. Create staging environment for the site. Migrate all data or partial data from one site to another.

WooCommerce Support

Install and Setup WooCommerce on your site. Update to the new version and fix the issues if any. Setup related plugins and themes. Develop and customise WC themes and plugins.

BuddyPress Support

Install and Setup BuddyPress on your site. Update the plugin and fix issues. Develop/customise themes and plugins for BuddyPress.

bbPress Support

Install and Setup bbPress on your site. Update the plugin and fix issues. Develop/customise WC themes and plugins for bbPress.

SEO Support

Install and Setup SEO plugin on your site. Update the plugin and fix issues. Generate sitemap, Google Analytics setup, Redirections, Content updating and content writing for SEO.

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Hire Developer

Hire our expert WordPress developer for your custom development work.

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