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Tru Hair

Truhair and Skin is an eCommerce site that sells Ayurvedic products for your body and hair. The brand sell products that are required daily to keep your body & hair healthy, from soap, hair oil, and shampoo, to combos.

The team reached out to our team with the requirement of designing an eCommerce site that attracts customers, maintains site speed, and product suggestions easily.

The challenge was to design the site to build a site with the optimized speed and bring the right product in front of them without clicking much.

Our team started working first with designing the layout using WordPress. The benefit for us was that we had already worked on the same project for different clients with some of the exact requirements.

To ease the product finding work for visitors, we added the 3FHA form that provides quick product suggestions after answering specific questions. The result was an increase in sales and traffic and happy visitors.

Our developers took a simple approach to design a simple and customized website that was responsive and with optimized site speed. Our team is still maintaining the client’s eCommerce site to make it more efficient and personalized.

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Axis Electrical Components (India) Pvt. Ltd

Axis Electrical Components (India) Pvt. Ltd

As the name suggests, Axis Electrical Components is a leading global enterprise providing innovative and value-based solutions in the Electrical and Energy Sector.

The axis team approached us to redesign their old site with the new modern eCommerce site to attract their target audience. In addition, they also wanted to customize a few things and add some uniqueness to make it look awesome.

It was challenging and complex to redesign the website, add customization, and resonate with the brand identity. But our team is always up for any challenges.

Our team first approached the Axis team with the design-build in adobe XD to know if the design fulfilled their requirement or needed any modification. Once there were approvals, our team started working on redesigning the website.

Our team redesigned it entirely, customized it per their requirement, and added some new pages and a payment gateway option. We started with adding the product pages and divided them into sub-categories to make them look organized so visitors can find them easily.

Another addition was RFQ, i.e., the Request for Quote feature so that visitors can request product quotations on the website instead of emails or calls.

Our team also optimized the website to make it run faster and more efficiently, along with the integration of ZOHO CRM to make their marketing efforts easier.

At last, our team efforts paid off; happy clients make us happy.

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Moh Lifestyle

Moh Lifestyle

Moh Lifestyle is an eCommerce website that sells handmade things like jewelry, bags, Silver Replicas, Hand embroidery, and bow. Natural colors and a traditional sense of style inspire the design of their product.

The requirement was to develop and design a website with a modern, elegant look that resonated with their products. Our team talked with the client’s team to learn more about their requirements and USP.

Our team started working on the design and customization part to make it look elegant and provide a modern touch. The main challenge was to make the design resonate with their product.

Using WordPress, our team designed a responsive theme that looked exactly like what the client wanted. We used Visual Composer page builder to customize the website and add functionality.

We also optimized the website speed and helped them set up the Razorpay Payment gateway to make digital payment easier for visitors and owners.

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House of Amoda

House Of Amoda

House of Amoda is another eCommerce site that keeps India’s traditional textiles alive and has an innate passion for hand-crafted practices. It showcases various products, from garments to accessories and home furnishings, demonstrating respect for the Indian textile heritage.

Amoda team was looking to design and build a website that showcases the mixture of traditional Indian and modern styles. To add a style to display the work of artisans and craftsmen.

Our team designed a website using WordPress and Elementor that added a Retro Indian look and customized it to showcase their work. In addition to the site design, our team added payment gateways like Razorpay and Stripe to make the payment process easier for visitors.

Our team delivered a fully responsive design that matches the client’s expectations. Further, our developers’ team is still managing the site to optimize it and solve the server errors that slowdowns the site. Moreover, as their work is increasing, we are updating the website with new pages.

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Buen Trabajo

Buen Trabajo

Buen Trabajo is a business listing directory website. It is completely free for visitors; they can find service providers nearby and easily contact them. The platform also allows service providers to register themself to sell their services. The visitors can find cleaners, Electricians, Handyman, plumbers, locksmiths, and more.

A few months back, Buen Trabajo contacted us to develop and design a website. They wanted to reflect on who they are, what they do, and their impact. The big focus of this project was to create a website that helps visitors to find professionals who do your job.

We aimed to customize the website as per clients’ requirements. We started building a website using WP Geo Directory for directory listing format and some customizing plugins to make it easier to find.

Our main challenge was to add account pages about each professional, for which we used the UsersWP plugin and customized it accordingly.

We are currently maintaining the website and making it work smoothly and efficiently.

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Kalasar is one of the best-awarded organizations recognized by people for their best-printed fabrics. They help artisans to bring high-quality products to customers and empower them by bringing their artwork into Urban society.

They approached our agency to develop their site, organize it, and create a website that could help them reach a better audience. Our Web development team worked closely with the Kalasar team to gather all the information and requirements.

Using WordPress, our development team was able to design a stunning website that was easy to handle and attract customers to sell their products. With the organized design, navigation becomes easy to find products provided by Kalasar.

The design and customization were intent and unique. In the end, the client was happy, and so were we.

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Crazy Kids

Crazy Kids

Crazy kid is a brand dedicated to creating fashion for kids and babies. The brand sells clothes and toys to Local and International customers through eCommerce sites.

Crazy kids needed a website with a unique and funny theme to communicate with the right audience. They also needed a website that had unique functionality to guide potential customers and influence people to make a purchase.

Our developers designed the website for both desktop and mobile users. Using WordPress, we designed an eCommerce website that helped the customer to find the product easily.

We also helped them set up the PayUmoney payment gateway, which easily allows transactions in an INR currency.

Our developers developed a fully responsive design, developed a custom product & category page, and set up a payment gateway. We understand what it takes to build an eCommerce website that attracts your target audience.

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Anavrin Yoga

Anavrin Yoga

Anavrin Yoga is a one-page website that helps visitors with yoga training services. Their main goal is to help visitors get healthy and fit with yoga training and meditation.

The Anavrin team approached us with a requirement for a website that shows all their services and products using a single page.

Our team started working by shorting all the extensive information into a summary of their yoga professions and experience. The design was simple yet organized, showing all the information on the same page instead of switching to different pages.

In addition, we added a “Contact form” so visitors can quickly ask for inquiries related to yoga classes and products.

Our team worked to make the site responsive and add different features like maps, social platform links, and testimonials to improve visitors’ trust and social proof.

At last, Our Clients are our priority.

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Spiral ENT Care

Spiral ENT Care

Spiral ENT Care was a personalized website for Dr. Kerul Prajapati. She is one of the amazing ENT specialists and the founder of Spiral ENT Care.

She aims to cater to all ENT needs, from minor to disabling ones. She is dedicated to providing complete ENT examination, treatment, and counseling about all the risks due to ignorance of minor ENT ailments.

The challenge on this site was to make it look professional as they wanted to attract new clients and rank on search engines.

Using WordPress, our development team created a stunning design that was responsive, mobile-friendly, and attracting new patients. The website design is well-organized with a contact form so that customers can ask queries like appointments or availability.

The design resulted in a noticeable increase in Spiral ENT Care’s traffic.

In the end, we were happy to deliver the work on time. Want to improve your Web presence?

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ESG Spectrum

ESG Spectrum

ESG Spectrum is a one-stop resource platform for global ESG news, insights, and analysis. It offers 50 ESG pages every quarter for each leading industry covering 20+ key topics that are current, updated, well-researched, and easily accessible.

Their main focus is delivering the latest ESG metrics, assessments, regulators, lenders, and trends. The challenge was to design simple and good-looking designs to attract audiences in the Environmental, Social, and Governance sectors.

Our developer’s team captured all the requirements and started working on them.

We designed a simple design customized per the client’s requirements using WordPress. Further, we created some custom dynamic modules with Paypal integration, so the audience can make payments easily and purchase the reports.

Our developers are still handling site maintenance to make it more personalized and customized. Pulling the sites into one helped visitors access the information they wanted faster and more efficiently.

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