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Why we love ACF For Dokan PRO in marketplace development (And you should, too!)

What is Dokan?

Dokan stands tall when it comes to using multi-vendor plugins for WordPress. Most convenient, reliable and first-choice for vendors looking to customize their store and manage all of their products inventory at one place.

Another important aspect of Dokan is its problem-solving user interface that helps vendors to attract more visitors for a hassle-free shopping experience.

What are the benefits of using Dokan?

Dokan plays an instrumental role for vendors to turn their simple-looking website into a profit-making eCommerce website just like other top-rated eCommerce stores helping them to yield higher ROI on the products.

Dokan provides seamless experience, automation possibilities, cuts-off transportation cost and most importantly scalability to upgrade the store according to the needs and trends within the audience.

In order to provide better user experience, functionality and facilities to a customer, Dokan also provides payment gateway integration support with Paypal or Stripe and many other payment gateways for easy payment mode. The best part of this plugin is its capability to provide linguistic support in more than 25 languages which is huge.

So far, Dokan has been used by 10,000+ websites and the results achieved are simply the best.

What is the importance of using ACF to build a marketplace using Dokan?

Dokan plugin is used on WooCommerce platform by WordPress for all eCommerce activities and business growth. And a vendor has the flexibility to create a store from scratch with all the essential features added. The setup of the store development requires no coding knowledge as well as all the important product details can be added from the front-end.

By default, Dokan does not provide all fields that will be needed for all types of stores. That needs to be created using the ACF plugin as and when needed for stores. The additional fields are also needed for order management and vendor management. Fields like Vendor registration no, Country, etc are needed in the Vendor registration form. This can be achieved using ACF in the wp-admin backend. But if as admin we wish that this should be accessible to vendors in their dashboard then needs to do customisation.

Why is ACF for Dokan PRO plugin preferable for Vendors?

ACF is useful when a vendor wants to create custom fields for his marketplace to administer the store just like we do it for the admin dashboard. This helps to save development time and cost as well.

It is an easy task for admin to create custom fields for vendors while simultaneously working on the new product development.

Admin just have to enable the option “Vendor Edits Allowed” for vendors to create and manage custom fields.

For now the following field types of ACF are supported:-

  • Email
  • Radio
  • Number
  • Select
  • URL
  • Textarea
  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • File
  • Gallery
  • Repeater
  • Taxonomy
  • Google map

Features of PRO:

  1. Field types like Gallery, Repeater, Taxonomy, Google map are supported
  2. Compatible with Dokan Bookings
  3. Custom fields in vendor registration form
  4. Custom fields compatible with order management
  5. Custom fields for vendor setup wizard

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